Terms and Conditions

Should you wish to exchange a non-defective product within 7-days of the date that it was delivered, please retain the product in its original packaging, and do not use the product at all. Please note that the courier cost for the exchange would be for your account.

Orders can only be cancelled within 24 hours of payment being made. Please note that cancellation of orders will attract a 15% charge for administration costs and refunds will be made within 7 working days.

Please notify us by email within 7 days of delivery.

We will gladly replace or refund any product that is defective.

Please note however that we will not replace / refund a product that is damaged due to negligence. Our products must always be used in a childsafe and supervised environment. Regularly check for damaged seams and similar. Damages on all products must be fixed immediately. Always place the infant on his / her back to sleep and rest.

Tummy time must be strictly supervised. Please do not carry / move / transport the carrycot and / or stand with the infant inside the cot. One must only give the carrycot stand a very gentle rock to soothe infant to sleep. Keep pillows and other soft objects, such as stuffed toys out of the infants reach / sleeping / resting environment.

Blankets and quilts must always be secured. Carrycot straps must always be safely tucked and secured underneath the carrycot. Do not allow straps within infants reach.

Always place infant centralised in the carrycot especially when placed on the stand to ensure even balance. Keep carrycot / stand positioned away from windows, heaters, lamps, and other furniture. Whilst the carrycots can be used until the infant grows out of it length wise - if being used directly on the floor without stand - the infant will be able to roll / move / crawl out so must always be supervised.

The carrycot stand can be used from newborn but once the infant is showing any signs of being able to pull up, sit up unassisted, push to his / her hands and knees or grasp side and pull upwards / moving independently, the carrycot stand should stop being used - it is no longer a safe option. Typically, this occurs between 4 and 6 months of age. Some babies become mobile earlier, so watch infant for the appropriate time to stop use.

In no event shall Delicious Monsters be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, or consequential damages / harm whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of any baby product purchased herein.

You agree and acknowledge that any product purchased should be used at your own risk and you should assess the risks individual to your infant before purchasing any product or using any product with your infant.

You agree that in the event that Delicious Monsters is deemed liable for any harm caused, the amount which it shall be liable to you shall be limited to the cost of the product.

In no event should you allow your infant to use this product unattended, nor should you leave any children unattended in the presence of this product as it may present an injury. By making payment, you consent to our terms and conditions.